Marukyu Bait Test Number 1

I am planning this session in order to test Marukyu Baits; they seem to me to be very popular with match anglers.  Over the next few sessions I intend to test if the bait will lend itself to specimen carp anglers as it has done with match anglers. What I have planned is a series of tests using different methods and venues, changing tactics as I progress towards bigger carp. For today I am targeting a lake that holds fish up to 15lb but has lots a single figure fish to go at.

For this first test I will be using a feeder rod set up and a small method feeder, this gives me a lot more feedback as to what is occurring than if I went straight in with a full carp set up. I will know soon enough if the fish are there and not responding to the bait as the tip set up is so sensitive. I will however be using a carp rig a lot bigger that a match angler would use, the reason being that as thing progress I will be changing over to a set up much more akin to specimen carp fishing. Finding the fish will be the key to catching them, I’m not planning an early start as temperatures have been zero overnight so I intend to let it warm up a little.

Marukyu EFG151 is the ground-bait I will be using with a mix of SFA410 Krill Concentrate and lake water to dampen it as per the instructions, 2 parts ground-bait to 1 part liquid. This may sound a simple mix and it is easy to do, however the ground-bait itself has high protein content (19.5%) and a multitude of ingredients therefore mixing several different ground baits is not necessary.

A simple mix for the Method

A simple mix for the Method

The Hook baits will be two Marukyu SDP2310 10mm Nori soft pellets fished on a hair with some mini plastic pop up corn. The corn is buoyant so will help the hook bait shoot into the carp’s mouth and also adds some colour to the situation once the fish home in on the bait.

25g Feeder & Carp Rig

25g Feeder & Carp Rig

As I said earlier the rig itself is different to what a match angler would use and this is the first stage of the crossover of tactics. A size 8 Korda wide gape hook to a four-inch length of Korda Super Natural braid in 12lb Breaking Strain. The Hair is trapped onto the shank with a section of silicone pushed round to make the hook point heavy. This is a carp rig that I have total confidence in.

I arrived at 11am and had the lake to myself. I set up so that I would be fishing under a small bush that often holds a few carp and today it was right in the teeth of the wind. Perfect other than the fact that the wind had plenty of East in it. It was just 5 deg C as I drove along the lane to the venue so I wasn’t super confident of a massive bag of carp but thought I would have one or two.

I need not have worried, first drop in and it was less than sixty seconds before the tip was bouncing, another minute and it hooped round, my first fish was a small mirror, perfect start. Things just continued in the same way with a bite almost every cast for the first hour. I was taking my time between fish and taking some photo’s so wasn’t fishing flat-out but still managed five fish in the first hour. Then things did slow a little as obviously the fish had move away, I found them again just a few yards along the margin and had another run of three fish in quick succession.

One of several Carp around 4lbs

One of several Carp around 4lbs

Given the conditions this was a fantastic session and I’m very confident of success with stepping up to try to single out some of the bigger fish next time out. The bait is without doubt super attractive and it got the fish feeding immediately. So next time a two rod carp set up with bigger 15mm Boilies and PVA bag tactics and I’ll be looking for a double figure carp or two from the same venue.

Tight Lines, Colin


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