Marukyu Test 2 Update.

Well I managed to get out for a few hours this evening, 5.30 – 8.30pm. Had some bait left from Thursday’s session on The Bude Canal. In fact I have lots left as using PVA bags and fishing short sessions the bait lasts a long time.

Anyway I thought I would got back to the venue from Test Number 1, Forda Lodges and Cottages in Kilkhampton, I do lots of coaching and tuition session here and it’s just a mile from my front door.

The main Carp Pond is full of Carp, Tench, Bream and silvers. I thought I would go and try my original plan for Test 2 which was to use Protein ARB Bollies to single out the Carp. They responded very well to the method feeder and Marukyu EFG 151 last time so I was interested to find out if  they would be as responsive to the Bollies as well.

Tactics we’re similar to what I did on The Bude Canal apart from I changed the PVA bags to small PVA Funnel web sticks. The stick mix was the same bag mix from Thursday with the addition of a little sun flower oil.

I decided to  fish just one rod as I only have one bite alarm working just now. I have four very old Fox Ultons and now three of them have given up, time for a new set I guess.

I found the fish in my second spot on the end of the wind after half an hour without a touch in the far margin I move the trap near to some over hanging trees were a strong westerly wind was blowing in. The rod was away within five minutes. I did’t make any sticks up in advance and could hardly keep up the takes were so quick. In the two hours between 6.00pm and 8.00pm I landed 9 Carp.

I wasn’t expecting the catch double figure fish at this venue, there are a few in the lake to about 14lb but the bulk of the fish are between 5lb and 8lb. I did have this lovely Zip Linear Mirror which was probably the nicest of the bunch.



So after three sessions testing I’m very confident that the fish like the Marukyu bait, in fact the response is so fast that I feel if I get close to them I’m going to catch. I have always liked to have confidence in any bait I use, basically it’s one less thing to worry about. I know that if I’m not catching then it’s not the bait and I can concentrate on location. All that remains for the final test is a venue with a suitable stock of fish to find and feed.

Tight Lines





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