A week of Madness

As you have read in the last blog I had booked a further session on Riverside in my quest for a 20lb Carp, for 24 hours from Monday lunchtime to Tuesday. I also had several tuition sessions booked for a number of different disciplines and targeting different species. As the half term week progressed I picked up two more tuition bookings and the result had been that I have been fishing every day from last Saturday to today Saturday 1st of June.

I started on Saturday with a trip Boat Fishing with Teamshed Charters out of Bude. It was another great trip with lots of sharks again but also some nice Pollock that went down very well on Sunday Night, cooked by the chef in my local.

On Sunday I was booked to do tuition with three youngsters’ aged from ten to fourteen. They have had tuition from me last year which was really more of a fishing experience / taster session, we had 19 Carp in a three hour session fishing method feeders with 6mm Marukyu JPz as hook baits. This session however they wanted to really start to learn from the beginning, float fishing for Rudd on the drop and then progressing to fishing on the deck to try and single out some of the bigger bream.

The boys were on a week’s holiday at Forda Lodges and Cottages were we targeted Middle Pond. Krilled Maggots took Rudd after Rudd and some decent fish to over 1lb 8oz. This went on for an hour and a half during which time I was feeding small balls of Marukyu EFG 131 making the balls as tight as possible so they got down on the bottom in preparation for some bream action.

A quick change of the set up with the shot all grouped near the hook to bomb the bait down passed the Rudd and a change to 8mm Meat Cubes dusted with Marukyu Krill Powder,  first cast one of the lads was into a 3lb bream. All the boys managed some decent bream action and I was pleased that they quickly mastered striking at lift bites.

So after a good session on Sunday I was back on Wednesday for a double session. The morning was more Rudd bashing with Mum, Dad, a 5 year old and his older brother aged 8. Great fun for a few hours in lovely weather and I managed to burn my head and face as the one thing I forgot was some sun block. Mum did the best with run of much bigger fish having instinctively decided to fish under an overhanging bush and switching to 6mm JPz because she really didn’t enjoy using maggots

Wednesday Afternoon I was with some more youngsters this time brother and sister had both fished with whips before but wanted to step up to a rod and reel. One of the things I love about doing tuitions is the buzz I get from seeing people improve in a short time. Mum had been fishing another pond and turned up near the end of the session. Both kids just happened to be casting at the same time, one right handed and one left, we were stood directly behind them as two rods sent the tackle sailing out in perfect unison with both of them taking the same perfect trajectory and landing ten feet past the baited area then being carefully reeled back into position. It was great to watch and mum, who is a proficient angler herself, said she could never have the patience to get them to do things properly. So another set of happy customers and very satisfied I went home to get sorted for my trip to Riverside.

Thursday morning was a change of scene as I headed over to the newest lake a Forda, Meadow Pond. I helped to design and build this lake in early 2011, stocked the fish in Feb 2012 and then caught the first fish from it last summer. It is matured so well most of the guests can’t believe it’s only a few years old. We stocked Meadow with Bream, Tench and Crucian Carp, all between 8 – 10 inches. With no silvers to worry about maggots are the order of the day on Meadow and obviously Krilled as they have been working so well for me. Just a couple of small balls of Marukyu EFG 131 to kick thing off then simple little and often feeding with maggots. With a very light set up and again fishing the shot down near the hook and the bait hard on the deck for lift bites. The tactics brought a fish a cuck for my two students, this time father and son had never fished before but wanted to give it a try and also having witnessed some of the previous Rudd bashing sessions wanted something a little more challenging. For nearly the full three hours the fish kept on coming and both students were very naturally talented and easy to coach. Yet again I left some very happy customers who had wanted to catch Tench and Crucians. The nice thing was that things happen a little bit slower as the bites often have to develop. With the Rudd fishing things happen so quick it can be difficult for people to learn, yes they catch lots of fish but fishing for Tench, Crucians and Breem only they have to get the timing of the strike, the depth to fish at and shotting right as well as learning to fish accurately over the same spot along with how to feed correctly. I’m definitely going to use Meadow pond more in future for people who have fished before and want to advance a little because it is such a good grounding to move on from.

Thursday afternoon I had one final Tuition session booked for the three boys who had been out with me on the Boat Trip on Saturday and done Tuition on Sunday. This time it was to be a special treat for them, Carp Fishing on Top Pond at Forda. They are a little young and inexperienced to be allowed to fish this pond alone. But with luck they would learn a lot about unhooking and handling the fish as well as how we we’re going to catch them. I know these carp love pellets so the method mix was half Marukyu EFG 131 and SDP 1mm protein Pellets. Hook baits were 10mm JPz, Krilled Meat or Corn.

Now these three lads had an amazing session last year carp fishing and I remembered it was very wet and overcast so I had them all sat in my JRC Quad Continental 2 Man which is enormous. This year is was high pressure and from experience I knew the method would not catch as well but given the age and ability of the lads surface fishing was going to be difficult for them and this session was all about the experience of fishing for bigger harder fighting carp and then dealing with them and returning them.

I always get the jitters when things aren’t  looking good for lots of bites but Forda Carp never let me down,  after a few casts around to try and find some fish we were away with each of the boys having two carp each to about 9lb. The boys were really good and took it in turns to take the runs so they all had a couple of fish each.

Finally I thought my busy week was at an end, however at the end of session the boy’s gran asked if I could do tuition with her so that she could take the boys fishing and have something to do rather than just sit there. No problem, I arrange to come back that evening after going home for tea and again we headed to Meadow Pond after Bream, Tench and Crucians. Basically with similar result to the previous session on Meadow other than the fishing gaining pace towards last light as opposed to tailing off at little towards Lunch time on the previous session. We finished at 8.45pm and I decided to have a few chucks myself, I managed a Tench that was remarkably bigger than the rest. Considering I personally stocked these fish at 8- 10 inches and this one was getting on for 15+ inches she must have a growth gene far more advanced than the rest.

Monday I went up to Riverside for 24 hours session, you can read all about that in my previous blog so as you can imagine by the end of Thursday I was a little ragged, With nothing booked or planned for Friday I was looking forward to a rest. The weather was really warm Friday and I couldn’t bring myself to stay home so found myself back at Meadow Pond for five hours in the afternoon. Similar conditions today and I sorted the gear out for some floater fishing on Top Pond taking 11 carp during four hours. Early on I was struggling a bit to hook up the fish taking my floaters. I switched from a standard controller to one of the Korda Cruise Controllers and the fish just started to hook themselves. I had a good old chuckle with one of the newly arrived guests when I explained that the Korda Controller was far more efficient at hooking the carp that I was.

Sunday tomorrow and after fishing for seven days on the run I should really do something else, however thoughts are that the wife won’t be up before 10am and my floater gear is still in the Land Rover all read to go………… 5.00am start?

Back to work next week for a good rest.

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