Marukyu Specimen Carp Test Continues.

Or should I say Quest and not Test. After a 20lb carp and things are going well, but not that well.

My next session on Riverside was obviously going to involve Krilled Dead Red Maggots as the tactic had previously worked well and resulted in the only two fish on the bank during my last trip. This time I had decided on a couple of small changes. I was fishing with smaller PVA sticks and a shorter hair for one thing. Also on my last trip fish had consistently showed over a shallow plateau between the islands. I never moved onto them last time out as I had committed a few pints of maggots to another spot and was justified in sticking with it as it produced two decent fish. Anyway I decided to wait until just before dark to bait up as it was at this time the fish seem to show most and it coincided with the lake normally going flat calm as the wind dropped. I was also using a homemade mini spod to bait up as the Catapult would not reach this area.

It appeared I had made some good decisions as the night panned out as I had thought and the fish once again started to show out on the plateau. I was a bit worried about spoding on top of them even thought my homemade spod makes very little disturbance but really had no choice in the matter. So I decided to get the whole two pints of Krilled Dead Reds out there asap and in doing so get the disturbance over with quick.

My second rod was also on the Maggot rig but with less bait over it, about half a pint as I wanted to see if this tactic brought a quicker take. It was baited slowly with the catapult and fished at short range as per last week’s success. I was very confident in both spots having caught on one tactic last week and having fish over the plateau spot this week.Image

Only one other angler was on this week so less pressure on the fish had my confidence running high. He was next to me and was also fishing a maggot rig at shot range but had chosen a 10mm boilie and PVA bag approach out on the bar between the islands.


The result for me was a couple of fish 14lb 12oz and 16lb 8oz, both came to the maggot rig on the plateau. The other three rods blanked witch is an interesting indication of how hard these fish are as two of the rods also fished the same rig and bait as the one the caught two fish. I also hooked and lost a third fish on the same rod, probably the twenty I was after, so another trip is on the cards at some point soon. My main conclusions were a couple of interesting points to note for next time, firstly the rod that was most heavily baited with Marukyu Krilled Dead Red Maggots had three takes, and secondly the spoding was not a problem, in fact having only baited up at about 7.45pm the first fish was at 9.30pm and second at 11.00pm so the fish came along earlier than last week. The third fish I lost was at 3.00am so the fish were clearly on the bait for a long time. I think next time I’m going to put all my eggs in one basket, something I don’t always like to do, however three or four pints of maggots on the plateau with both rods on it sounds like a good plan, “I’m going all in” as they say in Texas. I’m by no means disappointed with the results as two fish and one lost in my opinion is proof enough that Marukyu Baits plus my tactics are working for me. But I do want a fish over 20lb to top off this feature.


It rained most of the afternoon and evening but was dry by the morning and getting warm, the fish were soon up on top and while the bivvie was drying nicely in the sun I reeled in and went off to do a bit of improvised stalking with some bread from my sandwiches. I found a group of three fish near an inlet pipe but they were off as soon as the bread hit the surface a couple of yards away from them, I was hoping it would drift over them on the breeze. The fish started to move towards it as it plopped in and I thought I was on for a take first cast but the fish just swam right under the bread and kept going disappearing into the muddy depths. This went on for a couple of hours as I kept finding fish but nothing was getting them to have a go properly and I was obviously under prepared, Krilled Bread has worked wonders for me in the past but I had a limited supply of bait, lesson learned I think.

I packed up and got home for 1.00pm then set about getting ready for my next tuition sessions on Wednesday when I had two tuition sessions booked. I will have to book another session on Riverside but with me being busy all this week I’m not sure yet when I will get back.

The Quest Continues.


Tight Lines






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