A few tutorials this week and a visit to my local tackle shop I noticed they had the new Marukyu Softies and Jpelletz in stock. As I’ve had some good success on the Krill I went for the Krill Softies.

My tackle shop is Waterfront Angling and Shooting located on the Bude Canal, always very helpful and for a small shop stock everything you will need.

The first session in the morning was at Forda Lodges and Cottages, we fished Meadow Pond with light lines and Krilled Dead Red Maggots, things started off a little slow but the first fish in the net was one of the original Bream of about 3lb, the new stock of bream are only around 1/2lb at present. I find it a little strange that only 12 original bream were stocked when the pond was new, they were followed by nearly 1000 smaller Bream, Tench and Crucian Carp. However even with all those mouths to feed they get caught on every tuition session.

A quick change of swim and things started to pick up, Jpelletz to kick the swim off then feeding little and often with the Krilled maggots and if bite slowed a few more Jpelletz.

By the end of the session the boys had landed around 20 Crucians, 15 Tench, one Tench was 3lb and lots of the skimmer Bream. I do think the slow start was due to the fact that I started them in a swim where we could see fish were feeding and bubblers were all over the area. However it was deep, maybe 8 to 9 feet and the only fish we caught there was the bigger Bream, it will no doubt be silty in the deepest part of the lake and maybe all the bubbling was just a handful of Bream. We soon found the Crucians and Tench  in what has been the hot swim for a few weeks now.

It was good to get the boys plenty of bites so they could practise and they both got into a steady rhythm of fishing. Both lads have been out with me before a few times and are now really coming on. I have them booked in for Tuesday for some feeder fishing for carp in Top Pond at Forda which should be the highlight of their holiday and also give them some new skills to take home a work with.

Friday after noon I was booked for a session with some holiday makers in Bude, just the 11 year old lad was fishing but the whole family came to watch how he got on.  He had never fished before and wanted to a few nice photo’s to show his mates at home who have all been catching fish having been shown by other family members what to do.

None of this family fished so they decided to get a session book and we decided to meet at Lower Lynstone Lakes in Bude. This is a great venue as bite are always coming thick and fast and it is only stocked with carp. So again float tactics and maggots got plenty of bites and within an hour the student was hooking a fish on nearly every bite. Most of the carp were in the 1 to 2 pound bracket but he did manage with a little help to land a nice Leather Carp of about 6lb. Next step was to get him doing everything, baiting the hook unhooking and returning the fish etc, once we got that he would be able to get out and get fishing. Unhooking the fish was ok but this youngster did not like hooking maggots at all. Sometime that happens and rather than force them to do it and maybe lose some of the enjoyment I just simply switch to something they will handle and that way they know there are alternatives and eventually in their own time will come round (or not).


Anyway this made us switch to Marukyu Krilled Softies, 6mm & 10mm JPZ. The difference in the stamp of fish was immediately noticed, three fish on the run well over 6lb took the softies. 10mm JPZ also seemed to catch some of the larger fish.

The session came to end with a lovely 9lb linear mirror carp and it couldn’t have gone any better. Loads of bites and as my student got better and better the fish got bigger and bigger. He had his photos and some lovely memories and once again I knew I had just created another angler.

So now I have to get the kit all sorted out and get ready for Tuesday and Friday evening sessions at Forda. Saturday Evening and Tuesday plus the following Friday are also booked and no doubt a few more will book once they see the lessons taking place and how much fun the students are having. It always get a bit busy at this time of year but I can’t complain.

Till next time, Tight Lines