First Tuition Session of 2014

Well after last Sundays fact finding mission up at Killock Farm Fishery I found a couple of students prepared to brave the chilly February temperatures for their first fishing experience.

Now I have to say that normally I am very cautious about taking youngsters out fishing when it’s very cold, mostly because the fishing is slow and if they get cold, wet and miserable that can often be their lasting memory of ‘fishing’ and could potentially put them off fishing for good.

However today was a nice dry day so no chance of getting wet, it was forecast to get to about 10 deg C so not bitterly cold and after last week I was confident that I could keep two 8 year old lads busy with plenty of small carp.

Also all of us were keen to be home by 4.00pm to watch England v Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby so starting at 1.30pm it was only going to be sort session of about 2 hours.

It was forecast to be a good stiff wind so I decided the float rod would stay at home as I knew there would be a good chop on the water making float fishing for newbies difficult. We started with the feeder rod and got straight into getting the boys casting out. Neither had ever fished before but with a few goes each had the feeder flying out across the lake so much so I put the line in the clip and set it to stop level with the island.

Then we got onto baiting the hook and the feeder, both lads thought the hair rig was a brilliant idea. The first bite took a while to come, but resulted in a small common. Things were not happening as quickly as I would have liked although both lads showed a tremendous amount of patience.

First Carp

First Carp

After another fish and about half an hour had passed, I decided to scale down to a 14 hook and fish three dead red maggots on the hook. The result was instant, fish seemed much more eager to pick up the small bait and we had a run carp over the next hour or so.

Lovely carp in perfect condition

Lovely carp in perfect condition

Both lads had a great day and at 3.45pm I had a job to get them away to watch the rugby, they both play rugby as well, but would have been happy to miss the England v Ireland game in order to have few more casts.

However the adult won the day and we packed up. Leaving the youngsters wanting more is always a good sign. They’ll be back at Easter and it would appear a float fishing match is on the cards.

Tight Lines


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