First Tuition Session of 2015

Well it’s that time of year again. Holiday makers have started to arrive in Cornwall and enquiries for tuition have been rolling in…. and the weather is totally rubbish.

My first session was planned for Sunday morning, however with two first time anglers to take out, the weather was not looking very good, 30-40mph winds and rain. Now the one thing I always try to do is make sure the participants enjoy the session. Two lads age 10 & 12 where probably not going to enjoy being cold and wet. So after discussing it with Mum and Dad we decided to re arrange for Tuesday. However the forecast has changed, Tuesday was meant to be dry and with considerably less wind, however the current forecast is for a 50-70mph North Westerly. So again the weather has now put back by first session to the end of this week.

So here I am pondering what people think about deciding to re arrange to avoid bad weather. I’m pondering because it has been said to me that if these young lads are to become fishermen then bad weather is something they have to be out in. Also I’ve been told that if they book a session then cancel as they don’t fancy the weather they should still pay!!

Well after very little thought (in fact no thought at all) I decided that I was right to cancel and re-arrange the session. It could mean that by the end of the week if the weather hasn’t improved I lose the booking. It could even be that the weather improves and they decide to do something like go to the beach instead. The fact is this: I don’t want the boys first experience of fishing to be a bad one. I don’t really do this job for the money anyway. I do it because every now and then a young boy or girl leaves a session and I know I have just created another angler.

I have and do fish in all kinds of extreme weather conditions. I had my bivvi turned inside out in 80mph gales, had to run for safety in a thunder & lightning storm and woken up to find my lines in a frozen lake and got back to the car showing minus 7deg. So yes I understand that anglers fish in all sorts, but that is a choice we make when we know what the rewards can be.The rewards can be fantastic, carp off the top in high summer risking sunburn, well every carp anglers done that havent they. However carp on the bank that is covered in snow in January, now that is something that takes a bit of dedication,something to be proud of I think.

110-10~1 (2)

But being out is seriously adverse conditions is not something that should be put on two young boys trying angling for the first time.

So I’m not going to take them out in bad weather just to get paid, I’m not going to charge them for cancelling, in fact I’d rather they don’t have the session at all than to actually put someone off fishing. Sitting by a pond freezing cold and not enjoying it could put them off for life. By not doing the session at all there is still a chance that at some point someone, somewhere will turn them into anglers.

Hope to have a fishing report by the weekend.

Tight Lines



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